Charity begins (and ends!) at home for Elliot Eastwick as he gives away two tickets to see Blur at Wembley Stadium – but is there something he’s forgotten to mention?

Here at Ears To The House, it gives us immense joy when someone has a temper tantrum after we publish something they don’t like. Hence why when the likes of mysteriously rising star Ash Lauryn, Yousef, Derrick May, or anyone else blocks our official social media pages, it just means we’ve got another reason to write about them.

Which is why regular readers won’t be surprised to discover that notoriously thin-skinned former Haçienda stand-in Elliot Eastwick has blocked us on Twitter – and all because we dared to run an article about him earlier this year. In it, we revealed Eastwick was trying to get his fans to contribute to a fundraiser so that he could launch a new product.

We also revealed comments, originally made by Eastwick himself in 2004, where he disclosed that some of the questions in his World Famous Pub Quiz came out of a music trivia book by Jimmy Savile – and that his attitude to fundraisers seems to vary depending on whether he’s the beneficiary or not.

So what’s Eastwick up to this week? We took a look – because blocking the main Ears To The House Twitter account doesn’t prevent our team from looking – and we discovered that the man himself is giving away two free tickets to a Blur show at London’s Wembley Stadium “for anyone who works in care”…

Tickets for the event, which is a little over a week away, currently start from £74.25 for a seat. Taken at face value, this means Eastwick probably paid around £150 for the pair of tickets which he’s now giving away for free – but are we really getting the full picture here?

Taking a look on the website Hot Deals brings up this recently expired deal, available to NHS workers in Britain who wish to attend the gig. A number of bands have been offering free tickets to NHS staff as a thank you for their hard work during the pandemic – but take a closer look…

Is it possible that Eastwick simply got two tickets for nothing and is now giving them away with the strict proviso that they’re “for anyone who works in care”? After all, no such restriction would apply on an ordinary paid ticket – which has led to some confusion.

In an attempt to clear things up, a member of the Ears To The House team reached out to Eastwick yesterday to ask these two questions…

  • How exactly did you obtain these two tickets?
  • If you obtained these two tickets for free, how do you qualify for free NHS tickets given that you do not work for the NHS or the care sector yourself?

The normally vocal Eastwick hasn’t responded at the time of publication…

Update at 11.45am – Eastwick posted this under one of his other accounts…

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