Are you still using Windows XP over there? Detroit’s Juan Atkins was doing a show last night – promoted with an advert which looks like it was made in 2001…

We’ve got to concede that it does sometimes look like Ears To The House is simply trying to mock some of the people we write about. Naturally, it’s a charge we refute – most of them are simply making a mockery of themselves. After all, we couldn’t write about it if they hadn’t said it or done it.

This brings us onto the subject of a DJ in Detroit who’s only marginally busier than Derrick May – a man who impressively managed to increase his August workload by 100% by simply doing one more gig. Yes, it’s the self-claimed originator of techno, Juan Atkins – he did a show last night at Brooklyn’s Superior Ingredients.

But it’s the way that Atkins has promoted the show on his Instagram page that’s raised eyebrows for us – not to mention got us wondering which operating system is installed on his computer. Take a look for yourself…

A man who calls himself the originator of techno – yes, he seriously believes he personally created an entire genre of music – should frankly be embarrassed to have posted this. It looks like something that somebody made in five minutes on a computer running Windows XP in the early 2000s – hardly in keeping with the futuristic image of himself that he likes to convey.

Bizarrely, this was the first time Atkins had actually referred to this event himself – despite the fact that Superior Ingredients tagged him in a post on the subject over four weeks ago. Still, look on the bright side – perhaps the money from last night’s gig could be used to buy a newer computer…

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