Open your wallets! Ohio man who moaned on TikTok about a neighbour playing Marshall Jefferson’s “Move Your Body” on loop for a month wants to cash in…

Back on Friday, Ears To The House reported on an interview being shared across social media where Marshall Jefferson was talking about his 1986 song “Move Your Body”. The track – which became known as The House Music Anthem – was probably the first house record to feature the use a piano.

It’s an important record in the development of house music – and we felt the setting of a hotel bed just wasn’t right. As an aside towards the end, we commented on the story of TikTok user angels_fall81, who spent over 25 days chronicling what life is like living next to someone who plays “Move Your Body” for hours on end.

We decided to take a closer look at this one, and can report a few developments. Firstly, we can confirm the police went round to the neighbour’s house and were able to persuade the person to stop playing the song. Secondly, we can confirm that – at the time of publication, anyway – that the song has not recommenced.

And thirdly, the person who posted the videos documenting this unusual episode in their lives wants to make a little money out of it. How do we know this? Because they’re currently selling these things

Honestly? We’d probably be tempted to do the same thing. Still, it could be worse – the owner could have played “Wash Your Hands”, the parody version of the song that Trax Records released during the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020…

Now that would be torture…

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