Does he just love having you around? Louie Vega can’t seem to go anywhere without wife Anané – but maybe this is just how he works right now…

There are certain things in life that you’ll always see together – so much so that when you see one thing but not the other, it just leads to confusion all around. For example, you might know a couple who have been an item for many, many years and who seem to always be in one another’s company.

Which is why Ears To The House couldn’t help but notice Louie Vega has recently become part of this phenomenon. Anytime we see the hugely successful DJ and producer these days, his wife Anané nearly always seems to be nearby – and we couldn’t help but ponder why.

Now, Anané’s presence in Louie Vega’s life is nothing new – the couple have been married since 2001, and a soppy interview in Ibiza Spotlight says they’ve been together since 1998. Before that, Vega was divorced from Linda Viera Caballero – otherwise known as singer India – in 1996 after six or seven years of marriage.

Proof, if nothing else that Vega – real name Luis Fernando Vager – has never had an issue mixing business with pleasure. But recently, Anané seems to have become really involved – and Louie certainly doesn’t seem to mind making gushing declarations of love for his wife…

So what’s behind all this? A highly connected regular Ears To The House source believes they have the explanation, saying “There’s not really much to this. The pandemic stopped Louie from working for the first time in his life. You’ve got to remember he’s worked in music pretty much constantly from 1985. He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.”

“When the pandemic happened, Louie started to really think about his life. Even though him and Anané had very different views on the Covid situation, one thing they had in common was they wanted to spend more time together. Louie, though, will probably be a workaholic until the day he dies, so I guess this is their way of making it happen.”.

If nothing else, this might explain why his recent Expansions NYC album was stuffed to the brim with love songs…

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