Toxic positivity in action? Doorly tried to accuse Alan Fitzpatrick of “bullying” for criticising Schak – and it didn’t go all that well for him…

Over the weekend, Ears To The House ran an article about TikTok favourite Shakeil Luciano – better known as Schak. He played a set at Hideout Croatia and played “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens – and judging by the way some people responded, you’d be half forgiven for thinking he’d been torturing kittens.

At the end of the day, Schak is a commercial DJ who operates at that end of the scale – no promoter is going to book him with the expectation he’ll play a set full of underground techno. Indeed, Ears To The House suspects that all this attention he’s getting will ultimately be a good thing for him.

The debate, as ever, continues to rumble on – with producer Doorly now having his say. Apparently, established DJs giving their opinions on newer DJs is not constructive feedback – it’s that catch-all modern term, “bullying”…

The comments he’s receiving in response suggest he’s got a crossed line with his fans – with one saying “I’d much rather see established djs pushing back against the commercialism of underground music than the toxic positivity you’re seeming to promote here.”.

Another was even more forthright, saying “Not sure why [Schak] gets the platform he does when he’s just a British John Summit” – whilst garage producer Scott Diaz said “If I say that this is a lazy take and people who are invested in the culture (at whatever level) have the right to say that something within it cheapens it, does that mean that I’m bullying you?”.

Doorly hasn’t responded to a single one of these comments at the time of publication. It could, of course, be something to do with the fact he has no issue with bullying when it’s someone he doesn’t like.

Take this comment by right-wing political activist Laurence Fox. When he commented that he wished to take all of his money out of Barclays Bank on Monday morning, he received some pretty unkind responses. And how did Doorly respond to one of them?

In Doorly’s world, it’s only hypocrisy when someone else does it…

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