Do they have no shame whatsoever? As Derrick May’s “European Coming Back Tour” sees a Spanish date this weekend, Resident Advisor is happy to promote the event on their site…

The “European Coming Back Tour”, as it’s been laughably dubbed, is Derrick May’s ongoing attempt to rehabilitate himself into a dance music world which is now largely ignoring him. It’s mostly involved playing a few dates in Italy and Croatia – two lovely countries, but hardly a roaring success on a continent with 50 counties in it.

Fresh from his success at getting a booking in a country that likes to boil people to death, he’s now added a Spanish date to his schedule. A club called Le Rachdingue is celebrating its 55th anniversary – but since they apparently don’t want to spend a lot of money, they booked May to play on Saturday 22nd July.

Our regular sources in Detroit tell us that May’s team – who include manager Hagi Craig and plank lover Mike Weston – have recently been putting pressure on him to start doing more shows. As one of them put it, “Hagi wants to see a return from every artist on her books. She’s fair in that she demands results from everybody. She has absolutely no tolerance of failure.”.

Tickets for the event are now available on Resident Advisor. And before you ask, that would be the same Resident Advisor that ran exposés in September 2020 and January 2021 detailing numerous allegations of sexual abuse against Derrick May. Yet here they are now, seemingly happy to list events that he’s playing.

So what do Resident Advisor have to say about this practice? From what we can see on their website, they’ve advertised six different events involving Derrick May since October 2021 – so Ears To The House got in touch with the site to query this.

At the time of publication, Resident Advisor hasn’t responded to our queries…

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