Is any height of incompetence ever high enough at Resident Advisor? Mystery as they manage to spell Goldie as “Golide” in promo poster for their own event (despite him being guest editor throughout October!)

A common bugbear of many people is poor spelling. It’s a problem that has gotten worse with the proliferation of the internet – with more content out there than ever before, the chance for spelling errors is greater than in the past. Even the inclusion of spellchecker software on computers and smartphones doesn’t eliminate the problem.

For our part, Ears To The House is quite strict on the topic. Our editor, for example, has little tolerance for spelling goofs these days. Not least because when one does accidentally appear on the site, someone even higher up than our cantankerous boss berates him for it. And rightly so, we ought to add.

We hold ourselves to high standards -and hold others to those same standards, too. Which is why we’re beyond dismayed to see Resident Advisor’s latest embarrassing fail – the second within just a few days. Take a look at this clanger…

Now, a bit of context here. Goldie – real name Clifford Joseph Price MBE – has been around for quite a long time in the music world. He pioneered the use of timestretching – nowadays, a standard production technique – and did a lot of things which simply hadn’t been done in drum and bass before. In other words, he was an innovator.

Hence why Resident Advisor hired him to be their guest editor during the month of October. According to a dance music press source of ours, “the position is mostly ceremonial and doesn’t really involve doing much, but there does seem to be some prestige in it. RA do sometimes get PR people trying to persuade them to let someone have the honours.”.

Heaven only knows, then, what Goldie would have made of the fact that they couldn’t spell his name correctly – and not only that, but for an event that Resident Advisor themselves are promoting. Even then, they still can’t get it right.

What do all their editors do all day? It remains a mystery to us…

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