Well, Egypt is famous for its mazes, you know! David Morales laughs as he tells the story of how he ended up lost at Aswan hotel – but it wasn’t just his room he was missing…

It’s been a heavy Sunday of content here at Ears To The House – so before we conclude today’s business with our weekly instalment of DJs Playing Badly, we thought we’d cover something a little lighter. This article is all about labyrinths, Egypt, and David Morales.

Did you know that mazes have a history dating back several thousand years? The very first ones were actually labyrinths, with one single winding path – as opposed to later ones designed to play with and confuse the mind. Greek historian Herodotus, upon seeing some of the earliest examples in Egypt, wrote in 5th century BC that “all the works and buildings of the Greeks put together would certainly be inferior to this labyrinth as regards labour and expense.”.

The concept did, of course, exist before this – the earliest depictions of mazes go back over 10,000 years. But now, to the question that you’re probably pondering in your heads – why on earth are we actually telling you all this?

Well, this is where David Morales comes in. This weekend, he was playing a set on the Tambor Cruise – house music whilst sailing the River Nile. If you wanted a place on the ship, prices for double occupancy cabins started at $2,799 per person – but if you like your own space, expect to have paid some $4,500 instead.

Before the show last night – and by the looks of it, before even getting on the boat – Morales shared this story from the evening before, when he apparently kept ending up forgetting where his room was…

We’re not quite sure why Morales felt the need to make this video whilst topless – opinion is divided over three theories. The first is the weather – the daytime temperatures in Aswan this week are averaging around 38°C, (100.4°F) with nighttime lows of around 29°C (84.2°F).

Our second theory is that Morales actually left all his shirts back at the hotel room and couldn’t be bothered to ask the concierge team to help him find his room again. Or the third, and more mischievous one, is that Morales is just a little bit on the vain side – we couldn’t possibly comment.

Still, Morales might want to make the most of the warm Egyptian weather. He’s due to play at The Warehouse Project next weekend in Manchester – one of Britain’s wetter cities. Don’t forget your umbrella, David…

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