Pay $200 less to be ignored than before! Pete Tong’s DJ Academy, with its “visibility opportunities”, is offering places for just $247 a time – but the offer expires next Tuesday…

Mr Peter Michael Tong MBE is a man who has done very well for himself in life – not least by following the money throughout his career. From record labels, radio shows, DJing, and now the education business, there are few things that Tong refuses to do in order to ensure he gets a warm meal in the evening.

Indeed, we covered his DJ Academy in some detail in a recent article – namely by pointing out that their so-called “visibility opportunities” expose the barefaced hypocrisy being practised by not only Pete Tong, but equally well-paid apparachiks Carl Cox and Jamie Jones. Whilst they get paid five or sometimes six figures for each show they do, they expect academy students to play for exposure and little else.

As we pointed out in our previous article, the “words [visibility opportunities] seemed especially keen to escape from [Pete Tong’s] mouth”. It’s almost as if the man himself knows that what he’s saying is likely to be contested – although the well-connected British DJ can always rely on the dance music press to keep quiet.

Nonetheless, we couldn’t help but notice that prices to enrol onto the money-spinning academy were cut earlier this week. It’s now $247 to sign up for “beginners who want to enter the business” – whatever that means – or $197 for those who presumably don’t…

So what’s behind the decision to reduce the cost of enrollment for a week? Ears To The House spoke to an industry source with some knowledge of the matter, and he said “To be honest, I was a little surprised to see this. From what I’ve seen, the academy has done well since it first debuted last year. Sales have been above projected levels pretty much the whole time.”

“I suspect what’s happened is that more people than normal are looking, but not buying. A short-term cost reduction along with an advertising campaign will more than pay for itself. It might also tempt people who previously ruled it out due to cost of living issues.”.

Anyone wanting to sign up at the reduced price has until November 7th – next Tuesday – to get it done…

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