Who said record labels don’t make money in this day and age? John Digweed’s company Bedrock Records is doing very well for itself – with over £116k equity last year…

Conventional wisdom in the dance music world would have you believe that record labels don’t make any money anymore. And for the most part, this is true – there are a lot of labels in this industry that appear to be run “for the love”, as they nauseatingly put it.

But some of them are still run for a profit – and one of those that is doing very nicely indeed is John Digweed’s own label Bedrock Records. Ears To The House took a look – mostly out of our boundless sense of curiosity – on Companies House, the government register of companies in the UK.

Bedrock Music Limited was founded in August 1999 – making it one of few labels from that era that survives to this day. Certainly a praiseworthy achievement in itself – but how much money can an established label like this make nowadays? Well, the figures are tucked away in their filings.

As of December 31st last year, Bedrock had a total of £116,307 in equity – a slight rise from the £113,478 the business held at the same time in 2021. To give a little further context, the figures for end of years 2020 and 2019 were £99,134 and £87,476 respectively – meaning that the business continued to grow quite substantially during the pandemic.

And they say record labels can’t make money anymore…

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