Peggy Gou may have had to give Warehouse Project a miss for health reasons this weekend – but her PR people’s work at getting gushing reviews for “I Believe In Love Again” goes on…

If there’s one area where Peggy Gou shines above many others in the dance music world, it’s her relentless ability to promote herself and her projects – there are few higher echelon DJs better at it. She is as much of a businesswoman and entrepreneur as she is a DJ – and Ears To The House doesn’t necessarily believe this is a bad thing.

The problem is that life itself sometimes has a habit of having ideas of its own – something that Gou was reminded of over the weekend. On Saturday, she was due to make a short visit to Britain, as she was lined up to play at the Warehouse Project in Manchester – but as Gou explained on Instagram, health matters took priority…

We do, of course, wish Gou well with her ongoing health problems – but regrettably, the work of promoting and marketing takes no account of such human matters. Nonetheless, this setback for Gou, on a business level, could not have come at a worse time.

However, her PR team’s work continues to plug her collaboration “I Believe In Love Again” featuring Lenny Kravitz, of all people. And whilst the consensus at Ears To The House is that it’s “honestly one of the most soppy, toe-curling things we’ve come across in a long while”, the ever compliant music press have been much more polite.

It began with Resident Advisor praising the single, commenting that “it’s hard not to be swept up by Gou’s Balearic waves, everything falling into place like magic”. From there, it went on – Nylon Magazine in the USA described it as a “seductive rock-club anthem”. were even more nauseating – talking about “Gou’s kaleidoscopic disco production [being] a perfect match for Kravitz’s soulful vocals, which ebb and flow with a psychedelic swirl”. Esquire reckon it’s “a melodic salve that will warm any cold heart” – but Mixmag’s article has a curious smell of cut-and-paste that’s unlikely to please the PR people.

English historian Thomas Fuller wrote in the 1600s that “health is not valued till sickness comes” – something which Gou will no doubt have been reminded of over the weekend. But a word of advice to your PR people, Peggy – if they do decide to tell Ears To The House about your next release, do try and remember that synths other than the Korg M1 did exist in the 90s…

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