Isn’t that one reason why you get paid the big money? David Morales complains of being tired just before starting a 10-houe set at Stereo Montreal at the weekend…

Back in the early days of Ears To The House, we used to run an occasional column called Things That Dance People Think About. Long-winded name aside, these articles were mostly about the complaints that DJs had about their lives – whether it be aspects like the amount of travel involved or how the job had changed over the years.

We’re not sure exactly what’s in the water right now, but there’s been a drastic increase in the number of DJs commenting and whinging about their lives in the past few months. And at this rate, we might have to give serious thought to not only resurrecting this column – with a more punchy name – and making it a permanent part of our site.

So what’s brought this on? Step forward, none other than David Morales. This man has achieved more in dance music than most – and is still going strong at the age of 61. Over the weekend, Morales took to Instagram to tell us about how he felt before starting a ten-hour set at Stereo Montreal…

There’s no particular consensus here at Ears To The House on this one – so we’ll approach this from both angles. Some of the team has sympathy with Morales, pointing out that several hours of travelling from one part of the world to another, with different time zones involved, is inevitably going to take a physical and mental toll on someone.

Other members are rather more critical – claiming that someone who gets paid a small fortune to travel around the world doing what he loves really shouldn’t complain so loudly about the downsides of the job. After all, Morales lives the kind of life that many can only dream of – and that he has to take the rough with the smooth.

An industry source who knows Morales took a look at the footage, and simply said “I know David pretty well, and he’s a man who hardly ever gets tired. He’s always working, always doing something. For him to openly mention this means he must have been really feeling it.”.

Naturally, it didn’t stop him from completing the full ten hours that night. Perhaps his motivation came from a July 1993 interview with The Face – where he was quoted saying “playing records should be like having sex – you need take your time”…

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