Aren’t you meant to know this stuff already in your job? Mixmag’s deputy editor posts on X to ask whether anyone has “noticed a reduction in dancefloor vibes” in the past year…

It’s often the case in business that the person at the top of a company has eyes and ears elsewhere – a good boss is very aware of the fact that they can’t do everything by themselves. Hence why it makes sense to have trusted individuals in certain vantage points who can potentially spot things that might otherwise be missed.

In its own way, Ears To The House works in a similar way – as curious an operation this was in its one-man band days, it invariably works more smoothly with a small but loyal team involved. You might then presume that bigger websites such as Mixmag would understand this principle too – but after this, we’re not quite so sure.

A few months ago, Mixmag had a reshuffle of their top staff – Patrick Hinton became the editor, with Megan Townsend named as his deputy and Gemma Ross promoted to assistant editor. Now, it would be totally unreasonable to expect Hinton to know everything about the dance music world himself – so this is where his staff come into play.

Yesterday, the deputy editor took to X, formerly Twitter, to make the bizarre proclamation that “I have decided to re-enter the world of discourse”…

There’s no easy way to say this – but isn’t it Townsend’s job to know this stuff already? After all, she is the deputy editor of Mixmag – a publication with over 40 years of history behind it. Her job requires her to be immersed in this kind of stuff – spending her days watching what’s going on within the scene and trying to spot what’s coming next before anyone else does.

Yet here she is essentially repeating a question that Mixmag themselves asked nine months ago. An article called “How the cost of living crisis is impacting nightclubs and promoters” appeared back in February – and if Townsend finds the piece familiar, it’s because she wrote it herself. Indeed, a link to the article is pinned to the top of her personal X profile.

Never mind re-entering the world of discourse – Townsend seems to have managed to go back in time to do it…

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