What’s the rush to get back home? Boddhi Satva was meant to play at Fajara Dance Festival in fightback against criticism – but there’s no footage of his set to be found anywhere…

Higher echelon DJs come across as quite brash individuals on social media – partly because their job requires them to. They have to promote their events and showcase their lives to their audiences in any way they possibly can – utilising whatever the socials provide them with.

On a Sunday, the vast majority of Instagram Stories that Ears To The House sees on our feeds consist of footage from DJ sets the previous evening. The videos posted typically either show the audience responding well to something or other – or the DJ themselves twiddling their knobs pointlessly to give the impression of busyness

It was this in mind that we were expecting to see images over the weekend of Boddhi Satva’s set at the Fajara Dance Festival. The event has been beset with troubles, with the first few days not even taking place and people complaining about the hotel’s renovations not being finished on time.

On Saturday, the festival – along with headline name Boddhi Satva – came out in their own defence. They accepted that there had been a few teething troubles, but denied that the whole thing had basically been a disaster. A set from Satva was promised for those who turned up to the festival – although the exact time and date was never specified.

So how did the set go? That’s the problem – no one seems to know. No footage appeared of the set on Boddhi Satva’s social media – and Fajara Dance Festival have been silent all weekend as well. Given that a lot of festivals and even nightclubs proudly show off what’s happening at their venues, going totally quiet is a truly surreal marketing strategy.

However, Satva – whose real name is Armani Kombot-Naguemon – did find the time to post from a plane about his short stay in Gambia…

Notice that he has much to say about “the generosity and brotherly vibes” of the people of Gambia – just like everyone else we’ve spoken to in recent days. But he suddenly has nothing to say about the festival which he went there to play in the first place – we wonder what changed in the roughly 24 hours he spent in the country…

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