Michael Bibi confirms he’s cancer free and thanks London’s Royal Marsden hospital for “literally saving my life” – but his journey back to the DJ world could still be a little bumpy…

Ears To The House was delighted to read Michael Bibi’s post last night on Instagram, where he confirmed that he is now officially cancer free. In remarks that make for emotional reading, the 33-year old producer and DJ revealed that he’s no longer has the disease – having previously been diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma back in June.

Bibi had particular thanks for the Royal Marsden Hospital in London – claiming that the staff there “literally saved my life”. In the circumstances, it was the best place he could have been – the hospital, founded in 1851 and run by Britain’s NHS, was the first in the world dedicated to the study and treatment of cancer.

The trail-blazing hospital was founded by William Marsden after the death of his wife Elizabeth Ann from cancer. Feeling bereft but determined to make a difference, he set up the original hospital – which moved to its current Fulham Road location after outgrowing its earlier premises.

Naturally, the wonderful moment where Bibi rang the bell was included on his Instagram post – a tradition for patients to mark their cancer-free status believed to have begun at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas in 1996 before spreading across the world…

So what does the future hold for Bibi? A source who considers him a friend told us that “Michael wants to get back to playing and making music again, but right now, I don’t think he’s in a hurry. He’s on a lot of medication and really needs to get his energy back. At this moment in time, he’s just glad to be alive, as are the rest of us.”

Bibi acknowledges this in his post, pointing out that he’s still in some pain and is currently bald – although the fact he turned up in Ibiza in late September to do a surprise set at DC-10 suggests that a comeback will eventually be on its way. Ears To The House wishes him a speedy recovery…

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