Beatport’s majority owned IMS Ibiza announces the first topics for discussion – with “rebuilding community” and Defected’s gobbling up by Wez Saunders top of the agenda…

Is the International Music Summit in Ibiza a place where business in the dance music world gets done, or nothing more than, to use a term that the event’s British founder Pete Tong might understand, an expensive talking shop where nothing actually happens? Ears To The House considers it a fair question – and it’s one we’re far from decided on.

The fact that Beatport decided to acquire a majority stake in IMS Ibiza last year leads us to believe that there’s at least something in it – even if it’s just rich extra tourists heading to the White Isle ahead of the summer season. Beatport boss Robb McDaniels is a man known for putting his money where his mouth is – and let’s face it, Pete Tong also knows a money spinner when he sees one.

Next year’s event takes place for three days starting from Wednesday 24th April – and early bird tickets are now on sale. They’re currently available for €354 per person – or €399 if you want access to the Dalt Villa as well. Prices are up almost €20 on last year’s rates, too.

And unless you just happen to have your own accommodation on the island – something that Tong himself has, incidentally – you’re also going to need somewhere to stay for the duration. Prices start at €657 and rise all the way up to just over €5000 for the most plush rooms at the Mondrian and Hyde hotels – who both stand to make an absolute packet out of the occasion.

So once you’ve spent time and money travelling out there, what will you actually get to do? Well, the first topics of discussion have been revealed in an email sent out yesterday – and it’s not exactly an earth-shattering list…

Some of these – such as a discussion about amapiano – look like they’re lifted straight out of the questionable school that is Resident Advisor’s journalism. Others, such as Defected’s acquisition by Wez Saunders back in the summer of 2022, has already been dissected elsewhere – not least here at Ears To The House.

But one of these subjects is so utterly vague that it could be taken to mean almost anything. For example, what does “rebuilding our community” actually refer to? We’re going to be very curious to see who’s leading that debate – if it’s someone from the dance music press, our expectations are going to be very low indeed.

Let’s hope the full list of topics to be talked about is better than this…

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