Festive cheer could be in short supply! Nicole Moudaber confirms she’s doing a Christmas Eve show at Beirut’s Grand Factory – but Israel’s heavy bombing in Lebanon might yet derail that plan…

What do you plan on doing on Christmas Eve? Our plans at the Ears To The House office vary – some of us are planning on staying home and watching TV, and others are likely to open a bottle or two. But what none of us are currently intending to do is go out.

That said, it’s perfectly reasonable if anyone else wants to – and judging by the fact that Nicole Moudaber is appearing at The Grand Factory in Lebanon’s Beirut on Christmas Eve, there’s obviously some demand out there for festive clubbing. However, there’s something that Moudaber – understood to be spending this week at Riyadh enjoying five-star hospitality ahead of her set at MDL Beast Soundstorm on Thursday – might have to take into consideration.

As anyone who’s been watching the news in recent weeks will no doubt have noticed, the decades-long conflict in the Middle East has flared up once more – with Israel also currently engaging in heavy bombing in southern Lebanon…

A lesser-known series of military clashes have taken place between the two states over the decades – but until recently, the situation remained relatively calm for over 15 years. There are now real fears that Lebanon could soon declare war against Israel – especially given allegations by Lebanon that war crimes have been committed against them.

If the situation continues to escalate, it’s possible that Moudaber’s gig in Beirut in a few weeks’ time could end up being postponed until further notice – and festive cheer could be in very short supply indeed…

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