What HAS he been smoking this time? DJ Sneak posts about “leaving the digital world behind” – on the ever-so analog platform that is Instagram…

It might surprise some of you, but Ears To The House has a little respect for Carlos Sosa – the real name of DJ Sneak. Aside from his surprisingly shrewd recent business ventures, as we’ve covered previously, it also takes something to sustain a career largely built on taking tiny loops of other people’s work and playing then back in a not very creative way.

Anyone taking a look at the jacking House category on Traxsource and bemoaning lazy producers for playing samples of disco records under a drum loop might be correct – but they often fail to realise that the likes of DJ Sneak did the same thing decades ago. Samples which, incidentally, he wouldn’t have been able to loop if technology hadn’t made it possible to do so.

It’s with this in mind that we saw his latest post over on Instagram, with some meaningless waffle about “leaving the digital world behind” – apparently either failing or simply not caring to see the irony in putting the message on a digital world platform itself…

So how will Sosa be producing his records in the future? We’d love to see the explanation for this one – after all, no digital world means no digital technology involved. Which rules out using his trusted EMU SP-1200 sampler and drum machine – after all, any samples recorded into it are stored in its digital memory.

Going forward, he will presumably be making his own drums and his own synthesisers – quite how he’s going to sample the likes of Teddy Pendergrass, Diana Ross, Cerrone, Carol Williams, Chaka Khan, and Quincy Jones now is beyond us. We’re guessing he’ll also be having a word with Frappe Records in France and ordering them not to release his music with them on a digital format, too.

Just make sure to do it with a letter, Carlos – remember, emails are digital…

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