Has Hagi lost her patience with him? Mystery as Derrick May makes the move to Greensmith Artists – whose registered address is in Serbia and who also list DJ Pierre and Juan Atkins on the roster…

With a brand new year just a few short weeks away, many of us will start thinking about changes we want to make in our lives. Some people might decide they want to lose weight, others may choose to focus more on their career in 2024 – or they could opt to spend less time on something.

And judging by what’s coming out of Detroit this week, it appears that Hagi Craig – the wife of Carl Craig and the very successful owner of the Detroit Premiere Artists agency – it appears she’s decided to get rid of Derrick May. Ears To The House can exclusively reveal that May has been signed up by Greensmith Artists – but why?

A regular source in Detroit confirmed the news, saying “The move happened a few weeks ago. As far as I know, it’s to do with the possible Belleville Three tour that they’re trying to put together for next year. Juan Atkins is also on board. Kevin Saunderson is personally signed elsewhere, but he’s on the books as part of the Belleville Three.”

So who are the curiously poshly-named Greensmith Artists, and why has Hagi Craig handed him over? The second question remains something of a mystery – although our sources denied there was any friction between the two of them. But if that’s a mystery, the first question is an utter conundrum.

Not much is known about Greensmith Artists, other than the fact a Whois Domain Lookup search reveals the website is registered in California in the USA – whilst their own website gives an address in Serbia. The agency itself claims on Instagram to have representated “the finest in theatre, music and film since 1989”.

Yesterday, Greensmith were proudly boasting on social media about how they’d just signed up Peter Quilter – a respected West End and Broadway playwright. We notice that Derrick May’s signing was not given a similar grand announcement – and goodness knows what Quilter and many of the other artists signed to this agency think of Derrick May, now their new bedfellow…

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