Omar S breaks his silence on social media amidst police probe into THOSE allegations by Supercoolwicked – but it’s only (briefly) to promote one of his releases…

Ah, the beauty of Instagram Stories. To the average user of the social media site, it’s an excellent way to get pictures out as quickly as possible – if you don’t have time to come up with words or just don’t want to, you can stick it in a story. In short, it’s quick, and it doesn’t last too long.

However, in the music world, Instagram Stories have a different use – they can be utilised for things that artists and labels would rather not have swishing around online for long afterwards. Hence why John Summit used it to post an apology to Off The Grid after his very public temper tantrum against them earlier this year.

Perhaps it’s the 24-hour lifespan of the Instagram Story that tempted Omar S – real name Alexander Omar Smith – back to the platform. He hasn’t had a good few weeks – having been recently accused by Detroit producer Supercoolwicked of carrying out an assault against her.

For his part, Smith denied the allegations through his lawyer – insisting that the assault was actually carried out on him. Detroit’s police are currently investigating the matter, and Ears To The House is making absolutely no further comment on the case.

However, the ongoing probe hasn’t stopped him from briefly returning to Instagram to post this – in reference to Juno Records’s article on their best-selling vinyl records of the year…

Enjoy this return to social media, as it’s unlikely to be a while until his next appearance. Resident Advisor list his next gig as being at Canada’s Broken City in May 2024…

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