Is this why certain waistlines are bigger than they used to be? As DJ Tennis launches his own cooking show, others are mulling over combining food and music to find a new money spinner…

The idea of combining food and dance music is one with a chequered history, but it’s far from a new one. Even in the early days of house music, some nightclubs offered a buffet kind of selection for their patrons – including tea and coffee, amongst other things.

But since the pandemic finally started to ease its hold off our lives, the phenomenon has begun to take hold again. Ears To The House has covered a few examples of this – such as DJ Tennis curating a menu to go along with a set he wasn’t actually playing, or our story from July 2022 about listening to a Tony Humphries set over dinner.

Based on some of the murmurs that we’re hearing at the moment, 2024 could see an expansion of this trend – with the idea of just celebrating music by itself apparently remaining firmly out of vogue. The most recent example of this is the aforementioned DJ Tennis launching Munchietown – a cooking show that’s going to be available online across the likes of YouTube and TikTok.

And from what we gather, he isn’t the only one. A source close to several higher echelon DJs in the scene reveals that “Several other DJs are considering their options. Most of them have no association with food other than they enjoying eating it, but it won’t stop them trying. I think that Cooking with Carl Cox has a nice ring to it myself, or maybe Sustenance with Solomun.”.

Perhaps Pete Tong’s next money spinner could be a cooking school attached to his DJ academy. Never underestimate these people’s ability to find new revenue streams…

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