What was that you said about leaving the digital world behind again? DJ Sneak (quietly) embraces digital as six-track The Son Of Chicago EP from the man himself goes on sale in January…

As we begin another Christmas Eve here at Ears To The House, there might be slightly more sweets and alcohol involved than on a normal working day – but what ultimately underpins this site remains totally unchanged. And one thing which continues to rile us even at this festive time of year is people very loudly saying one thing to the world, yet doing the opposite themselves.

One of dance music’s bigger hypocrites right now – in more ways than one – is none other than DJ Sneak. There are few people who epitomise the entitled mentality of many veteran producers in this genre than Sneak – just because they had a few songs that did well in the 90s, they think they’re somehow entitled to endless amounts of respect and deference.

They are, of course, entirely wrong – and unlike the dance music press, Ears To The House is more than happy to set them straight. Just under two weeks ago, Sneak – whose real name is Carlos Sosa – continued his one-man war against reality by pontificating to his Instagram followers about “leaving the digital world behind”.

Barely days after doing this, Sosa released a new record on Traxsource – a rather bland thing called “Can We Dance”. Mysteriously, Sosa himself didn’t promote the release on his social media pages, but Gladys Pizarro did – although given her description of the track as a “banger”, we wonder if she was listening to something else entirely.

However, when we took a gander at Traxsource yesterday, we noticed that the man himself has another release coming out – The Son Of Chicago, a six-track EP forthcoming next month on German-based outfit Toy Tonics…

Curiously, this release is going to be made available on vinyl, and is coming out on the same date as the digital release – but the wax only contains four tracks, not the six that customers heading to the likes of Traxsource and Beatport to buy will be getting. But you’d be hard-pressed to find Sosa mentioning this detail – his socials are only pushing the vinyl version.

Offering customers who prefer the more, shall we say, analog option with a worse deal is a rather strange way to persuade people to leave the digital world behind…

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