Why DO they continue to praise this man? Back In The House posts yet again about Erick Morillo doing a $300 Paris gig in 1995 – but make no mention of THOSE rape allegations…

Many lofty minded types in the music industry would have you believe that you should separate the artist’s output from everything else they did. A perfect example of this is Chris Brown – a man who violently attacked his partner Rihanna back in 2009.

In any other industry, he would have been hounded out of the door and blacklisted – or cancelled, to use that very modern phrase. Yet in a music industry that routinely thinks rules don’t apply to it, he’s allowed to continue working as if none of this ever happened.

Then again, consistency is an alien concept to some of those working in the music business. Remember when Honey Dijon paid tribute to Paul Reubens earlier this year? She described him as a “comedic genius” – whilst conveniently leaving out his 1991 arrest for openly masturbating in a cinema, or the fact he served three years probation from 2004 after admitting to possessing obscene material, including sickening material showing minors engaged in sexual conduct.

Elsewhere, there are many in the house music world who have an inexplicable blind spot towards Erick Morillo – who died from a ketamine overdose in September 2020 after a suspected suicide attempt. At the time, he was days away from facing court over a rape charge – with numerous new claims being made against Morillo in the weeks after his death.

One of those places on the internet who still seem to be very fond of him is Back In The House on Facebook. This page was originally dedicated to promoting a five-hour long documentary about the history of dance music – but in recent times has focused more on specific moments from the past. And guess whose name pops up quite frequently?

Here’s their latest story, apparently trying to prove how humble Erick Morillo was…

Those reading in the comments section – their own fans, in other words – weren’t exactly sympathetic. One person, referencing a notorious date rape drug, captioned the photo “on the hunt for some women , DJ Roy Hipnol. Another more nuanced perspective was “It’s sad that people are still praising him” – whilst one got rather to the point by saying “Rest in peace? I really hope he doesn’t.”.

Back In The House was a project set up by Farid Slimani to document the history of house music – and judging by their own website, there were a lot of names involved. We can only guess that frequently including Morillo on the page – and all the arguments that inevitably follow – are good for the Facebook page’s engagement figures…

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