Will Donald Trump be releasing one as well? Barack Obama put out a list of his favourite tracks of the year – and John Summit’s “Where You Are” is apparently on it…

Most of what calls itself dance music journalism in the month of December consists of lists. Things like the best DJs of the year, best songs of the year, best clubs, best festivals, and so on. These lists serve for precisely two purposes, as we shall explain now.

The first is that it keeps a legion of PR types, managers, venues, and such – the sort who stick advertising in the dance music press, in other words – happy and increases the odds of more money being sent their publication’s way in 2024. The second is it gives journalists – most of whom are too lazy for their own good – a nice quiet month to finish the year.

Hence why Ears To The House has left others to their own devices – instead, getting on with the job of writing about dance music and culture. However, it appears that the real badge of honour now is not to get on some list conjured up by Resident Advisor – it’s to have your name dazzling in the lights on a list prepared by a former US president.

Well, that’s what John Summit has discovered, anyway. His collaboration with Hayla – aka Hayley Williams – called “Where You Are” was catalogued by none other than Barack Obama…

We can’t help but somehow get the feeling that a list prepared by Donald Trump wouldn’t go down quite so well…

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