A TV show with Derrick May that hasn’t been cancelled! Local celebrity Moorish Mudd paid a visit to see Mayday’s grand return to New Year’s Eve at a steakhouse skywalk – but why was there no interview?

These days, it’s incredibly rare to see footage of Derrick May doing anything at all – mostly because no one usually wants to film it. It’s a pointless endeavour documenting Detroit’s most occasional DJ – most companies won’t want to touch the stuff, and many others will get cold feet once the press starts getting in touch about those sexual abuse allegations made against him around four years ago.

Not to be deterred on the endless search for content, however, local celebrity Moorish Mudd decided to pay him a visit on New Year’s Eve – and not only was he going to see him, he was there to record it. Mudd claims on his X profile that he’s “a father and entrepreneur seeking to enlighten music lovers around the world to the genius of Detroit hip-hop”.

One can only assume, therefore, that none of Detroit hip-hop’s finest were performing that night – hence why Mudd rocked up at a show filled with house and techno DJs instead. Now, if Derrick May was somewhat nervous in the presence of the camera – he never used to be in the past, after all – he did his utmost to disguise it, putting on a somewhat stilted performance…

Disappointingly for local celebrity Moorish Mudd – and yes, the Ears To The House team as well – Derrick May failed to grace him with an interview. Because whilst May looks all cheerful whilst saying hello to his friends for the night, not once does he actually say anything in this short video – although to be fair, none of the other three DJs on the lineup spoke either.

Fear not, however, as there’s no great Machiavellian plot to stop the world from hearing any words uttered out of Derrick May’s mouth – it’s simply the case that his team, including unofficial PR guy and plank lover Mike Weston, have told him not to speak

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