A brand new year comes with, er, the same old discounts? Pete Tong’s DJ Academy – fresh from its Christmas sale – is offering money off AGAIN to welcome in 2024…

There are some things in the dance music world that just wouldn’t make sense anywhere else. For example, parents sending in their children to school know that there are only going to be so many different teachers – you certainly aren’t going to find as many teachers as there are students.

Yet nobody considers it unusual that there are so many people in dance music trying to teach things to others. Now, there always has been an academic side to the DJing world – but the rampant inflation of some 4100% since 1996 has obviously persuaded many that this is one money spinner with plenty of life still left in it.

Back on Christmas Eve, Ears To The House ran an article talking about a festive discount being offered by Pete Tong’s DJ Academy – with the one-time payment being reduced from $449 to $279. Anyone wanting to sign up at the reduced price was told to get it done by the end of Christmas Day itself – but did they really need to?

Because they’re now running exactly the same offer again, with the exact same reduction on the table as before. This latest offer is due to expire on January 10th, which has us wondering what’s going on? Although no figures are available on the UK’s Companies House government register as of yet, a source with inside knowledge previously said sales have been “slightly above original projections and are holding up firm”.

In the meantime, they introduced some new content from Adam Beyer last year – whilst unfortunately managing to misspell his name as “Adam Bayer” in a video plugging that fact…

Let’s hope they don’t offer spelling lessons…

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