Was Whitney Wei the last ever editor-in-chief at Resident Advisor? After she amends her Instagram profile after leaving the job, her former employers will soon be announcing the replacements…

As 2024 continues into its second week, the biggest set of changes since the last ones are taking place at Resident Advisor. Over the weekend, Whitney Wei confirmed dance music’s worst secret for weeks – that she is now their former editor-in-chief, with Ears To The House told that she finished work just before Christmas.

So who’s going to replace her in the job? This is where things get a little curious – because, strictly speaking, the answer is nobody. Resident Advisor did not merely re-advertise her job – they looked for two separate editors on much the same pay. One was to be based in London and the other in New York.

Exactly how Wei’s previous duties are going to be shared out is also unclear – as both vacancies had a virtually identical description. So unless Resident Advisor are planning on appointing another one in the future, it looks like Whitney Wei was the last editor-in-chief that the website will see for some time.

At the time of publication, Resident Advisor hasn’t published anything in regards to her departure – a source at the organisation denies rumours this was at Wei’s request, but simply said “Looking back at our editor’s time in the job isn’t something we’ve ever done, although Whitney will be pretty fondly remembered by most of us.”.

Then again, perhaps features and news aren’t likely to be a priority at the site going forward. Back on Boxing Day, Ears To The House reported that the company was recruiting a number of app developers on salaries between £70,000 and £95,000 per year – confirming that a mobile app is in the works.

Such an app is going to cost money to develop, and not just in wages for the staff who are creating it. And we suspect that ticket sales, not news, is going to be the money spinner which will decide its success or failure…

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