What is it with DJs thinking everyone wants to celebrate their birthday? Now Nervous Records boss Mike Weiss joins the bandwagon – with party at Brooklyn’s Silo next month…

For many people, birthdays are something which they like to celebrate – usually by having friends around, a cake and far too many sweets. However, for the majority of those inclined as such, this manner of enjoying their birthday declines once they start leaving childhood – with many adults preferring to acknowledge the day in a quieter way.

However, there are exceptions to the rule, and DJs are very much one of those. For every DJ who just gets on with the job, there are those who want to turn everything into an opportunity to get some attention on their favourite thing in the world – themselves. And their birthday is merely another chance to make it all about them.

With this in mind, Mike Weiss of Nervous Records fame is going to continue a now annual tradition this year of having a party on his birthday. After all, you don’t last over 30 years in this industry without creating a money-spinning event centred around yourself at some point or another.

Weiss’s party takes place at Silo in Brooklyn on February 24th, with a couple of his own friends taking to the decks – but what the birthday boy himself on the night will be doing is less clear…

Some of you might be somewhat baffled by the “lots of 1942” reference in the post – the Ears To The House team certainly was. We looked it up, and it turns out it refers to angel numbers – which apparently represent messages believed to be sent from the spiritual realm.

According to SoSyncd, “the ultimate meaning of the 1942 angel number centers around creativity and expression. Your angels are signaling that you should use your creative skills to express yourself and develop your talents. This could be through art, music, writing, or any other form of creativity that brings you joy.”.

Oh, and for anyone wondering how old Weiss really is, Ears To The House did some digging. He graduated from Stanford University with a BA all the way back in 1983 at the age of 22 – which means he was born in 1961, meaning Weiss will be 63 years young…

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