Is there any cash cow the house music world WON’T plunder? Sharam reworked 1997’s “House Music” by Eddie Amador – despite already having done two remixes during his Deep Dish years…

When you sit down and think about it, there are some seriously strange things about house music that you just don’t see elsewhere. Such as the propensity to release house records that are about house records – rockers don’t make tracks with lyrics defining what rock music is, after all.

One of the most famous is Eddie Amador’s “House Music” from 1997 – probably the track which made him famous, although the Ears To The House office much prefers his 2000 release “Rise”. The song infamously declares “Not everyone understands house music”, before telling us that “it’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing”.

Initially released in 1997 on Yoshitoshi Records, the label – founded in Washington by Ali Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi – released new remixes of the track by Deep Dish and Kings Of Tomorrow in 1998, with DJ Sneak providing even more in 1999. It’s been remixed officially by Filterheadz and Robosonic since, and countless times unofficially.

Indeed, label founders Shirazinia and Tayebi – who made up the hugely successful production duo Deep Dish in the 90s and early 2000s – provided two versions of their own. However, Tayebi thinks even that isn’t enough – and has revisited his old stomping ground to create a new version. Here’s a little preview…

Are we the only ones who think this really isn’t good? If we look at his history, Tayebi is a man who has proven repeatedly that he has what it takes to write a good track – and yet the best he can currently do is remix a record that he’s already done two remixes of 26 years ago.

Amador himself has not referenced the new remix anywhere on his social media pages. Is there anything to be inferred from this fact? We should be told…

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