Couldn’t you just make a TV documentary and be done with it, Danny? Turns out Danny Rampling owns a TV production company…

Time was that Danny Rampling took the threat of coronavirus extremely seriously. Back on March 23rd last year, after the British Prime Minister imposed some of the tightest restrictions on life since World War 2, he warned that “the small minority are a danger to us all”.

Nowadays, he spends all his time in what would eloquently be called Planet Batshit. Rampling lives in a world where he genuinely thinks that people having to wash their hands is a sign that a new world order is imminent.

This really is quite a level of delusion that even Carl Craig would be embarrassed to witness it. How exactly you do a full 360 on your view of the world is less than 12 months is something quite Damascean. There should be a documentary on the TV to explore the subject.

Thankfully, Mr Rampling can help. He owns a TV company called Midnight Oil Productions, according to Companies House. But the budget might not be much…

Just as well you can film TV shows using smartphone cameras these days…

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