The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 22nd May 2021

On the week that someone claimed the Loch Ness monster sightings were actually sightings of, ahem, something very different, I go through the tunes that could never be mistaken for whale penis. And yes, you did just read that.

Neil Pierce & HanLei – I Got Me (Rhemi)
It’s missing a dub! Other than that, great work on this. Quality production, a catchy groove and memorable lyrics by the London powerhouse duo.

Taz Mutcha Feat. Morris Revy – Heart Open (Personal Belongings)
The mixes of this are a little bit samey. I think some more variety in the remixers could have produced a more interesting result. Nonetheless, Morris Revy sounds amazing as always. I’d probably opt for the Q Narongwate mix here.

Leanbacker – The Things You Do (Beats Since Birth)
Leanbacker is Ross Couch’s downtempo sort of project. It’s good to diversify sometimes, I suppose. Apparently, he’s had requests to make a house version of this and here it is. Banger, as the modern slang goes.

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