Kevin Saunderson’s latest move is all about the next generation…

There are typically two groups of DJs out there. The first is the category who only associate with the same people whom they’ve been involved with since day one. The second are the ones who reach out to others, both veterans and newcomers – they can pass on their knowledge and maybe even learn something new.

Kevin Saunderson, through no fault of his own, has landed in a situation where he’s created a third category for himself. Earlier this week, he announced the continuation of the DJing partnership between himself and his admittedly very talented son Dantiez.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen father and son partnerships in dance music – Mattia Di Perna and son Claudio release music under the Matt D & Claudio Deeper name, for example. Indeed, the two Saundersons working together is probably a good idea – the ideal combination of youth and experience.

But let’s face facts. Saunderson senior had little other choice, did he? After all, a reunion of the Belleville Three isn’t particularly likely to happen again – as we mentioned back in January, the Haçienda effectively got an exclusive at the new-look version. Juan Atkins has some health problems and Derrick May’s difficulties are especially well known.

So taking a punt on the future made perfect sense. Besides, it might provide his son with a bit of guidance. In October 2018, an apparently intoxicated Dantiez Saunderson went into the DJ booth when someone else was playing and started messing about with the mixer. Not surprisingly, he was told to leave. And how did he respond?

By urinating on the dancefloor. Saunderson didn’t deny the incident happened, but claimed to be so drunk at the time that he didn’t even remember being at the venue in question. Nonetheless, one can only assume the ejection from the DJ booth put a pee in his bonnet…

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