When Kylie met Peggy – and we’re already wishing they hadn’t…

For every great and good remix in the annals of history, there are equally bad ones. Such as Armand Van Helden’s attempt in 1995 to create a remix of “Cotton Eyed Joe” by Rednex whose sole reason for existing was not to be as crap as the original song. Or almost every remix of Robin S “Show Me Love” ever created.

This tradition continues to this day. Cast your mind back to 2001 – you might recall Kylie Minogue releasing a song called “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, featuring one of the notorious Korg M1 presets. It also included remixes from Tim Deluxe and Tom Stephan alias Superchumbo – back in the days when pop records being remixed helped record sales.

Well, Magnum – that’s the ice cream, apparently – have commissioned a new version of the song by none other than Peggy Gou. And as ever, the dance music press are writing about it in the most glowing terms possible. You’d be half forgiven, given the degree of venerance on display, that Gou has just single-handedly brought peace back to Ukraine.

Gou herself simply says in a press release…

“Partnering with one of my musical icons to remix what is an undisputed club classic is a dream come true. From personal experience, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ is one of those songs that transports, moves and uplifts people all over the world. Classics like this never go out of style, but I’ve loved being able to put my own personal stamp on such a legendary track.”

So what do we think at Ears To The House? Not much, if we’re honest. Whilst it’s clear Gou has tried to modernise this song to make it more current, the result is a mess. For some reason we just can’t quite put our finger on, the music doesn’t quite fit the vocals – and that Korg M1 piano sounds like it was recorded in a pub toilet.

Judge for yourselves…

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