So what’s Danny Rampling doing these days, then?

One person who probably breathed a sigh of relief when this site announced we were going for a break a few months ago was Danny Rampling, 60, from London. The occasional okay-ish DJ and human equivalent of the vuvuzela has spent the past two years changing his mind on the Covid-19 pandemic.

When it arrived on British shores back in March 2020, he took it very seriously indeed – so much so that he said those people who refused to comply with lockdown restrictions were “a danger to us all”. No one who ever went on lockdown protests with him ever seemed to query the subsequent volte-face in his views as a “sovereign being”.

So what has the man himself been getting up to since January? Not surprisingly, the answer appears to be very little. Despite most Covid restrictions in the UK now having been lifted entirely, you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you looked at his scaremongering Instagram page. And not only that, but Rampling is already lining up his next thing to get gammon-faced about.

This would be the “monkey virus”, as he calls it – a reference to the unusual but very small outbreak of monkeypox in the UK and a number of European countries. Elsewhere, he continues to boast about attending protests against Covid vaccines to children – conveniently ignoring the fact vaccine take-up in those under 12 years old is remarkably low. It appears the parents are one step ahead of you there, Danny…

Rampling’s other bugbear – which looks suspiciously to us at Ears To The House HQ as hedging his bets – is digital currency. One can therefore only assume that he demands to be paid in cash for the very few gigs he does these days…

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