Derrick May is now plugging Andres’s music…

The Movement Electronic Music Festival is concluding today in Detroit. The curiously rising star that is Ash Lauryn have performed, alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Carl Craig and names like Kaskade – whose connection to Detroit techno is noted only for its total absence.

One person whose name has been mentioned in press interviews to promote the festival has been Derrick May, the now very occasionally employed DJ. He didn’t do a set this year, for reasons which no journalist has felt the need to explain to readers – indeed, you can always trust dance music press hacks to conceal by omission.

However, the dance music world has responded by no longer booking him – Movement included. This, of course, didn’t stop him from hanging around at the festival over the past few days. Sources who were present this weekend told Ears To The House that he had a shirt buttoned up halfway, with one bizarrely describing him as looking like a “distressed hipster”.

One thing also present is the typical attitude of many in Detroit techno – namely that inconvenient facts should simply be ignored. We can’t possibly think of any other reason why DJ Dez Andres was willing to have Derrick May promoting his latest release, with the man himself barely brandishing the vinyl sleeve in his hand – and the photo is even captioned “king s***”.

Andres obviously isn’t aware that this particular turd is about as welcome as the one Amber Heard allegedly did on Johnny Depp’s bed…

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