Will “I Want The Love Of My Own” by Frankie Knuckles EVER see the light of day?

Quite some time ago now – 26th August last year, to be precise – Ears To The House published an article about how a big mythical vault full of unreleased Frankie Knuckles records basically doesn’t exist. However, there was one discovery in the archive which had the potential to be a truly historic house record.

This was an unreleased track called “I Want The Love Of My Own”. The song talks about sexuality at a time of huge social change in the 1980s and fever pitched noise over AIDS – then a poorly understood disease whose spread was falsely blamed on promiscuous gay men. For reasons which aren’t entirely clear, this song never saw the light of day.

With the man himself being unavailable for comment due to the fact he died just over eight years ago, we might never find out exactly how things happened at the time. Friends of Frankie Knuckles who have spoken to Ears To The House describe him as being very open and proud of his sexuality throughout his life – one suggested “industry politics” was probably to blame.

Initial coverage from August last year said the track would be out in October, with a number of remixes. In January, we published another article asking what was going on – and now as May is about to conclude, the question must be posed yet again. Just why is this potentially historic which was meant to come out almost eight months ago still not available?

Two sources who both knew Frankie Knuckles well during his life have told Ears To The House that well-publicised delays at vinyl pressing plants around the world are ultimately blame. This seems plausible – one vinyl plant recently declared they wouldn’t be free to press any more records until 2030.

DJ International Records have been approached for comment, but haven’t responded at the time of publication.

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