The Parklife proposal, social media trolls and Sacha Lord’s own proposal…

Let’s start our Tuesday here at Ears To The House with a nice, heartwarming story. As we get accustomed to the new normal in the dance music world – which looks awfully similar to the old normal from where we’re standing – there is still some good news to be found out there.

As you might already know, Parklife festival took place in Manchester over the weekend. And it wasn’t just drugs harm reduction charity The Loop who were present – so was Milo, a man who took the extremely brave decision to propose to his girlfriend Indy on a stage in front of thousands of people. Indy, thankfully, said yes.

A wonderful moment indeed. And Ears To The House wishes this couple every happiness – and further wishes that online trolls would have a day off. Since the news came out, nasty little people have been showering them with abuse. Sacha Lord, the owner of Parklife has noticed, and is pretty angry about it.

He told the Manchester Evening News that…

“Imagine being in their shoes and you get engaged on the main stage at Parklife, in front of 80,000 people and it’s a moment you’re going to cherish for the rest of your life. Then you wake up and look at social media and a load of people who sit in their mum’s back bedroom and hide behind false profiles and they’re writing nasty comments. For those kids to read that, and their family, it would be heartbreaking. I think it’s disgusting and I think it’s vile.”

Agreed. So what does Lord, pardon the pun, propose? This…

“Let’s find them. They’ll never have to pay to come to any of our events again, whether it’s Parklife or the Warehouse Project, but I want to take a further step. I want to pay for the honeymoon. And when they go away, I want them to sit there in the sun posting pictures to social media, knowing that those people who had a go at them are bitter, and they’re not there. So let’s find them, and let’s look after them.”

But what could have persuaded Lord to make this offer? A source in Manchester who knows him well says “Honestly? I think it’s the fact he got married himself a couple of months ago. Sacha and Demi were engaged for quite a long time – the pandemic delayed the wedding, like it did for so many others. He’s never been happier than he is now, and I just reckon he wants the same for this couple. He’d never want anyone to say this, but he’s a bit of a softie, really.”.

The couple have been identified thanks to social media – let’s hope they come forward for their free honeymoon…

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