Berlin, Rave The Planet and an advertising fail

The festival circuit this year is probably one of the most competitive that it’s been in decades. There are more festivals and more events than you can shake a stick at, hence why some interesting tactics are being used to try and stand out. To use a very capitalist phrase, Covid lockdowns and delayed events have effectively made 2022 a buyer’s market.

Which is why Ears To The House has been particularly baffled by Rave The Planet’s approach to promoting itself. This free party is due to take place on the streets of Berlin this weekend – thus assuring it’ll get lots of publicity in the increasingly Germany focused Resident Advisor. The rave itself takes place on Saturday with those attending duly invited to clean up their mess on Sunday.

However, we must say we’ve been rather surprised at the lack of promotion for this event. Rave The Planet is being run by the same people who were behind the notorious Love Parade, so it’s not like they’re novices in this game. Indeed, Ears To The House only received an email about the event itself on Wednesday.

How many people can seriously arrange expensive flights and hotel accommodation in Berlin – because you just know the prices go up when there’s an event on – with just three days notice? Yes, the event itself is free to attend – so we can only assume it was one of the conditions attached to their licence.

Nonetheless, we can only hope they up their game next year. Oh, and good luck for this weekend’s party…

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