Do Traxsource not want you to buy from their store?

Believe it or not, but we rather like Traxsource here at Ears To The House. For our tastes, they seem to be one of the more authentic dance music stores and they’re not quite as commercially driven as some of their competitors. However, the fact we like someone or something does not abd will not stop us from pointing out when we think they’ve got something wrong.

And right now, we think something is amiss with the way Traxsource are advertising themselves. Yes, it’s true to say some DJs remain very nostalgic about the past – and just wish we could wipe the digital age from our minds and return to the days of spending hours in record shops and lugging around back-breaking amounts of vinyl.

Those DJs will probably always be around – and they’re probably not exactly enamoured at buying music on Traxsource or any digital outlet. So why does Traxsource insist on trying to appeal to them with social media posts showcasing turntables?

Their latest posts include this one…

Correct us if we’re wrong here, but we thought Traxsource was founded in 2004 to resolve the problem of vinyl sales falling off a cliff, but no legal alternatives being available online for buying music. So advertising your business by reminding people of how things were before said business existed seems a strange strategy to us.

Or is this simply the Defected strategy of pandering to the algorithm at work here? We suspect we’ll be coming back to this one…

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