Traxsource forgets they don’t sell vinyl – again…

We quite like Traxsource here at Ears To The House. For our very fine tastes, they seem to be one of the more authentic dance music download stores – although we will concede Beatport have upped their game in recent times too.

Unfortunately from time to time, Traxsource seem to forget what they sell are MP3, WAV and AIFF format files containing audio, mostly from the house music genre. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with selling any of these – and seeing there’s currently little chance of DJs getting on board with the idea of not owning any of their music, they look set to remain in existence for a while yet.

Back in January, we ran an article asking why Traxsource were promoting their website on social media by using photographs of turntables. Given that Traxsource doesn’t sell vinyl – indeed, it was created as a legal alternative to ripping music online – it seems an odd way for the company to advertise itself.

And now, they’ve only gone and done it again…

Ears To The House understands full well many DJs who shop at Traxsource still remain nostalgic about the vinyl days – although lesser stated is the view of those now spared the back pain of lugging them around. Yet promoting a business selling digital files with turntables makes no sense.

We know Traxsource founders Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert – who used to be leading house remixers Jazz-N-Groove from 1993 until around 2001 – are big fans of wax, but times have moved on. People wanting to buy vinyl are not looking at Traxsource, and never have. So why are they trying to appeal to them?

If anyone at Traxsource does read this, please drop this idea of using turntables to boost your own sales and concentrate on what you’re good at…

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