DJ Sneak played some Paul Johnson in Chicago – which is awkward…

As Ears To The House revealed back in August last year, DJ Sneak had cancelled all his remaining gigs outside the state of California for the remainder of 2021. The jet-setting DJ – real name Carlos Sosa – suddenly didn’t seem so keen to start going through airport security all over again. The man himself confirmed recently he isn’t doing any gigs outside the USA for the time being.

Most of Sosa’s shows these days are on his Monad Social platform – where in exchange for charging people to subscribe, he delivers a minimum of one show a week, and often more. But last Friday’s live show was cancelled. Why’s that? Because he was heading to Chicago to play at the My House Music Festival – and he also declared he was staying put until Monday.

Naturally enough, with this being a show set in Chicago, plenty of the city’s own home grown talent was on display – Sosa himself moved to the city with his family when he was a small child and lived there for decades. Then footage emerged of Sosa playing “Get Get Down” by Paul Johnson – and here it is…

Are we the only ones feeling a little uncomfortable with this? Paul Johnson, as you might already know, contracted Covid-19 last year and died with the virus in hospital in early August.  To this day, the top of his Instagram feed shows two distressing videos of the man himself in hospital, struggling to breathe. The second shows him shortly before he was due to be put on a ventilator – he never woke up again.

Now, Ears To The House has sources who told us at the time that Johnson was not vaccinated against the virus. However, we decided to leave the information out, since we could not verify its accuracy. What we do know, however, is that a few months ago, Sosa posted on Instagram about how he didn’t trust the Covid vaccine and was apparently happy to test his immune system’s response to the virus.

We posed the question in January, and now we pose it again. What would Sneak’s old friend Paul Johnson have to say? Once again, we’re confident DJ Sneak cannot answer it…

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