Queries about the Ears To The House comments policy

There have been a few questions lately from people asking about comments left on our Facebook page. Apparently, some of them aren’t appearing – and the people taking their time to write them are understandably left wondering what’s happened. Are Ears To The House deleting their comments because we don’t like what they’re saying?

The answer to that is very simple – no. Our policy on comments across our social media pages is pretty straightforward. We don’t censor any debate by deleting comments. Whilst no exhaustive list of reasons exists, the only time we will normally delete comments left on our Facebook and Instagram pages is when the comment could be libellous or reveals someone’s private details.

But an issue more specific to Facebook is that some comments are being hidden shortly after posting. Let us be clear – Ears To The House does not hide Facebook comments ourselves. We’re keeping an eye on the situation, but suspect it was previously to do with our own settings over explicit words.

Hopefully, this resolves the situation – although with social media algorithms at work, we can never totally eradicate this problem…

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