After Trax lawsuit loss, could Adonis be next to stake a claim?

It hasn’t been a terribly good few days for Trax Records. The label has essentially been forced to admit they haven’t got much money after a recent lawsuit by Larry Heard and Robert Owens. The two men claim Trax have never paid royalties on several of their early releases – and were handed their master and publishing rights back as a result.

Ears To The House understands that several artists from Trax’s early days are actively considering bringing their own cases against the label, although we gather none have yet made a final decision. Nonetheless, a few have been hinting that things are on their way – whilst others remain notable by their contemplative silence.

One person who has been particularly vocal about his poor treatment by Trax Records is Adonis Smith. Under his first name, he released “We’re Rockin’ Down The House” and “No Way Back” with the label in 1986 – and just like Heard and Owens, he also claims he’s never been paid a single penny for his work. Yesterday, he tweeted this…

Two years ago, DJ Steve Morgan began a fundraiser with a modest target of £1000. Its purpose was to give Smith some money for his work – but in the end, the fundraiser raised a whopping £10,757. Morgan subsequently transferred the money from the fundraiser to Smith – but how did Trax Records respond to all this?

Did label boss Rachael Cain curl up in utter embarrassment and cough up the money Smith was seemingly owed? Not a bit of it – their contribution to the fundraiser was to complain to Steve Morgan about an image being used for it. Label founder Larry Sherman may be dead, but the utterly shameless nature of Trax Records lives on…

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