Why did Resident Advisor take so long to cover Brian Bout arrest?

Back on August 16th, Carol Sepúlveda went public with a serious allegation of rape – detailing her account of events on an Instagram post shared widely online. The man whom she accused of rape strongly denies the allegations and says he intends to face criminal proceedings “with confidence”.

As ever with these matters, Ears To The House proceeded with caution and published a report on the subject on the morning of August 18th. We made no comment on the allegations themselves, as they’re currently subject to legal process – which will be resolved in their own time. We simply stuck to facts being reported at the time and make no presumptions either way.

But Resident Advisor didn’t find the time to cover the story until Friday, when they ran a fairly brief report on the matter. Whereas we could run something on August 18th, the website which sees itself as an industry leader was only able to muster something up on August 26th – over a week behind a site with two writers and a few others behind the scenes.

What exactly was the reason for the delay? We fully understand Resident Advisor would have wanted to take legal advice before publication – this makes perfect sense. They would have also had to work out exactly what to publish and what not to, which is also fair enough. But how did that process take the company ten days to complete?

And Ears To The House can’t take credit for being the fastest to print here. Several Dutch news sites ran the story on the same day, with a number of others following up on August 17th. Our response was actually quite slow, in comparison – but still miles faster than the Resident Advisor juggernaut.

If they want to remain the industry leader they see themselves as, Resident Advisor might wish to spend some money on their news department…

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