Trax Records and Rachael Cain accused of fraud – what’s going on?

Just under two weeks ago, the world finally got to find out how a legal action over allegations of unpaid royalties by Larry Heard and Robert Owens against Trax Records would be settled. And it was by handing over a swathe of master and publishing rights to their early works back to the artists themselves.

Ears To The House exclusively revealed last Monday that another legal action was forthcoming against Trax, and that this one would involve several different artists making similar claims. And whilst details of precisely what has happened since are scant, Trax Records and label boss Rachael Cain posted this later in the week…

From what Ears To The House understands, the fraud allegation emerged because not everyone is convinced Trax Records really is broke and cannot pay any past royalties they are deemed to owe. Trax find this allegation damaging and defamatory, so they’re suing for damages. It remains to be seen how it’ll pan out.

In the meantime, the plot thickens with a comment left by veteran house producer Vince Lawrence on Rachael Cain’s own post – repeating the Trax post above, but changing the reference to her name to say “myself”…

“I have asked you directly for what I believe for some crazy reason (almost as if like I wrote the stuff, produced, played the instruments, promoted and otherwise contributed) belongs to me. A court date is coming, absolutely everyone will be there in person to find out what truth you speak about. In the plain light of day and with all the humility gathered over decades, we all want to understand everything.”

Cain hasn’t replied, presumably due to the “judge’s orders” she cites. This story appears to have only just got started…

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