As producer removes his music from Trax, are more set to follow?

Yesterday, Ears To The House published an article all about the latest statement by Trax Records on the subject of “the truth”. It was something of a disappointing read to us owing to the fact it contained little new information and spent lots of time blaming other people for their own problems – an unworthy response.

So has everyone gathered together to forgive Trax for all their alleged indiscretions and mistakes and given them a big hug after releasing this declaration? Far from it – legal action is ongoing from a number of other artists from Trax’s early days. And shortly before Trax posted their statement, British DJ and producer Matt Black revealed that he was removing his music from the label…

Sadly, we’re unable to bring you any more insight into this decision – Matt Black and his management have not yet replied to our email asking for clarification as to whether this is connected to recent events. He is not, however, one of the Trax legacy artists and we understand he isn’t involved in any legal action against them.

It’s also bad news on another front – our editor contacted Rachael Cain at Trax yesterday offering her the opportunity to write an article for this site explaining her point of view. She has not yet responded to our invitation – we shall keep you updated if this changes…

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