As it’s revealed that John Summit’s own MOTHER follows him on Twitter, should other DJs start getting family members to follow suit?

How times change. Back in the 1960s, teenagers listening to the likes of Elvis Presley’s brand of rock music did so partly because they knew their parents hated it. The second summer of love generation in the 1980s were almost certainly partially motivated by the same thing too – the idea their mother or father might like the same music as they did was anathema.

Nowadays, the dance music world is a different place. Many of the first wave DJs who are still on the scene are now in a similar age bracket to grandparents – to give a few examples, Carl Cox recently turned 60, Sasha is 52 and Danny Tenaglia is 61 years old. And he still has a massive trunk!

But parents following their DJ children on social media is still one we’re getting our heads around. Especially after noticing John Summit’s mum is one of his Twitter followers – and look at how she makes her presence felt…

Looking through the Twitter account of Tamara Schuster – a real estate broker in addition to mother of John Schuster – other exchanges like this can be found. What’s also clear is that Mrs Schuster is pleased as punch about her son’s success, and she clearly loves him dearly.

Should other DJs now invite their own parents to start chatting with them on the socials? Ears To The House thoroughly welcomes this prospect – at a time when most DJ tweets are homogenised and dull, it would certainly liven up their social media pages.

Not to mention they could get away with saying things the rest of us couldn’t…

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