Maybe the massive trunk WAS a better idea? Danny Tenaglia poses at Printworks London, and the place is an absolute mess…

Poor Danny Tenaglia can’t seem to catch a lucky break at the moment. When it comes to his socials, he seems to stumble from one fail to the next – previously doing a promotional video with his massive trunk proudly on display behind him and another video where he looked like he was about to fall asleep.

He’s now had his picture taken after a gig at Printworks London – a venue which is in its final months and won’t be the same if it ever does emerge again in the future. Hence why any DJ worth their salt is currently taping into the zeitgeist by being photographed there. But what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at this photo?

It’s not just the fact Tenaglia looks like he’s literally been slotted into the photo afterwards which bothers us. No, it’s the fact the place looks like an absolute dump – just look at the sorry state of the venue. In any other industry, someone who had just performed at a venue looking like that would be a PR disaster of epic proportions.

But for some reason in the world of dance music, no one bats an eyelid. Never mind the fact there’s currently a campaign running to try and secure some kind of future for Printworks London – are photos of the place looking like the innards of a skip really going to aid their case? The residents who will live in the new housing to be built there certainly won’t be creating that kind of rubbish, will they?

One person in the comments summed it up with “At least grab a brush, Danny. That s*** ain’t gonna sweep itself up”. This person doesn’t know just how real their remark was…

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