Elliot Eastwick expects YOU to pay for his “World Famous Hot Shots” dream – but he wasn’t always so keen on fundraisers…

Elliot Eastwick is, if nothing else, a man who can continually reinvent himself with the times. Back in the day, he sometimes filled in as a DJ at Manchester’s legendary Haçienda nightclub if someone wasn’t available – in addition to a stint at Hard Times, his work at Paper Recordings and, of course, the Salt City Orchestra duo.

Later on, he started running the World Famous Pub Quiz – with Eastwick telling The Guardian in 2004 that some of the questions came out of a music trivia book by Jimmy Savile. After that, he spent a period working on Revolution Radio in the north west – over the weekend, a source in Manchester recalled his time working on Eastwick’s breakfast show for the station.

Under the cloak of anonymity, he told us “The people of Oldham seemed to like waking up to Elliot in the mornings. The listening figures always fell a bit when he wasn’t on. Unfortunately, let’s just say he wasn’t quite as popular with some of those unlucky enough to have to work with him.”.

He left the radio station in 2020 – and by this point, he had a sideline in creating what are now known as Elliot Eastwick’s World Famous Hot Sauces. In February 2021, he told the Manchester Evening News that he spotted a gap in the market – saying “it’s not super super hot spicy, it’s not one of those hot sauces that comes with a label of a skull and crossbones and is called ‘Hot B*****d’ or something.”.

Exactly how well Eastwick’s company has done is unclear – we weren’t able to find any details on Companies House. But there’s no denying that his venture has captured the public’s attention in the north of England – the man himself and his hot sauce were mentioned in an episode of long-running British soap opera Coronation Street just weeks ago.

And now we come to Eastwick’s latest venture, for which he needs £15,000 to bring to life. He wants to launch a range of hot shots – which would be sold in packs of seven. But instead of paying for this himself and taking the risk – which is traditionally what those in the business world do – he wants others to pay for it as part of a Kickstarter initiative.

Eastwick pompously begins his sermon pitch by saying “A while back I was taking a shot of Manuka honey and organic apple cider vinegar with The Mother every morning and it was a really nice zippy way to start the morning. I since tried some of the shop bought ones but had little faith in the origin of ingredients etc, so thought maybe I should try it myself. Then a health scare early this year meant I had to start thinking more about what I was putting in my body.”.

He continues “Hot shots are a great way of getting vitamins, antioxidants, and general good stuff into me in a fun and easy way. (plus I don’t drink anymore so it’s fun doing shots in the morning!)”. He then proceeds to list the seven shots he hopes to make available, which include a whopping total of 27 different ingredients between them – such as purple carrots, szechuan and spirulina.

Now, Ears To The House has absolutely no issue with the idea that we should eat healthier food – but there’s a degree of inconsistency here. Because last year, Eastwick was quite disparaging about the practice of fundraising in this now-deleted tweet…

So what was behind this vicious tweet? Well, he was talking about a GoFundMe fundraiser from The Secret DJ – who suffered greatly after contracting Covid-19 in 2021. He spent several weeks in hospital – and later in the same year, he was involved in an accident in which an X-ray subsequently discovered he had brittle bones, a direct legacy of his six week spell on a ventilator.

Yet here was Eastwick casting doubt on the entire story, without a single shred of evidence to back up his apparent scepticism. And the allegations against Eastwick continue to grow, with a Twitter account popping up recently detailing numerous claims of bullying.

We can now add hypocrisy to that list of allegations – fundraisers are only alright for Elliot Eastwick if Elliot Eastwick is benefitting from them…

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