Resident Advisor continues their hiring spree of “city managers” – but what on earth do they do all day?

Say what you like about Resident Advisor – and goodness knows we like to – but they certainly know how to survive. Yes, they might well have required cash from British taxpayers and German ones to do it, but they’re still here. And by the looks of it, they’re now determined to start thriving.

Well, their own kind of thriving, that is. For us, our definition of thriving would be covering a vast range of news stories, asking the difficult questions of the scene that need to be asked and uncovering scandal and strife wherever it may be. But that’s not in Resident Advisor’s character – and it never has been.

Their sort of thriving appears to involve hiring lots and lots of people to do some grand sounding jobs. Such as the current vacancy on Doors Open for a City Manager in Tokyo, of all places. Quite whether this means Resident Advisor will be covering the country more extensive or is simply an easy way for well-travelled editor Whitney Wei to go on holiday there remains to be seen.

But what does a City Manager do all day? Well, it’s not a long day, for starters. The job is for a total of five hours per week – and they even have the gall to claim you should spread it out over several days! But over those five hours, you have to do all this stuff.

And what’s the pay for all this work? Well, it’s a total of 44,000 Japanese yen – that’s roughly £269 or $324 per month. Ears To The House questions whether it’s even possible to do all this work in five hours – unless, of course, there’s something we’re missing here…

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